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Megapro Screwdrivers
Megapro Marketing Inc. is an international distributor and marketer of Megapro multi-function screwdrivers and accesories.  Founded in 1992, the privately held corporation manufacturers its products in countries around the world, including the U.S. and Canada.
Our Origional bit load driver is our most popular.  Loaded with 7 double end professional quality bits, this assortment provides the 14 most popular tips for driving screws.
Ratcheting 13in1 driver features patent pending ZAD 8 Zinc Alloy SOLID-CORE ratchet that delivers over 225 inch pounds of torque strength.
ShaftLOK driver features a locking shaft that eliminates the danger of bits falling out of the shaft when getting partially "stuck" in the fastener.
Product Features  
 Patented Pull out Bit Cartridge
 Alloy Steel Shaft
 Triax 1120 Resin Handle
 "No Blister" Palm Saver Cap
 EZ Guide Collar
 Seven Double End Bits
Commited to Innovation
Megapro has a continued commitment to new product innovation and superior manufacturing processes that utilize materials of the highest quality.  As a result, professional trades people and serious DIY-ers alike have discovered the benefits of the multi-faceted Megapro screwdriver family of products.     
Patents and Trademarks
Megapro Currently holds more than 20 patents and eight trademarks internationally.  The company is determined to expand its market base, as the reputation of its products continues to grow worldwide.
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